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Frequently Asked Questions

I like the design of one of the mantels, but it is not exactly what I want. Can the design be modified?

Each mantel is custom made so that any of the designs can be modified to best compliment your home. You can specify changes to any of the dimensions, such as making the frieze under the top shelf larger or smaller, or making the clearance around the firebox greater so that the mantel is wider. You may even specify that molding be added or removed. Please contact us by telephone at (508) 384-2562 to discuss any modifications you may want.

I have a design for a mantel that does not appear in the showroom. Can you build a mantel of my design?

We would be glad to work with you to develop an original mantel design from your own sketches and ideas. We can also craft a mantel that has been designed by your architect or designer.

My fireplace is an important feature of the room. What can you do to further enhance the wall that the fireplace is on?

Your mantel, as a focal point of your room, can be attractively emphasized by the addition of raised paneling to the wall that the mantel is on. There is tremendous variety in raised panel design. It could be below a chair rail, rise to the height of the mantel shelf, or even cover the entire wall. An alternative option is to create an overmantel that would be placed above the mantel shelf and extend partially up the wall or even to the ceiling. Another option is to install a cornice molding and woodwork throughout the room that reflects the profiles of the moldings that are on the mantel. We would be glad to discuss these alternatives and provide a quote for custom work.



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