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The Douglas

The Douglas
The Douglas

The Greek Revival style of architecture flourished during the early to mid-nineteenth century. Americans identified with the Greeks in their war for independence from the Turks and adopted ancient building designs often seen in Greek temples. The style spread easily as builders and designers working in small towns that were distant from great cities like Boston used pattern books, such as The American Builder’s Companion by Asher Benjamin, for design ideas.

The Douglas displays design elements that were common during that period, and which were intended to resemble a Greek temple. The backboard above the mantel shelf rises at a low angle, just like the roof. Pilasters support a broad frieze, similar to columns supporting a wide plain entablature. The smooth flat surfaces can easily be marbleized, given another faux finish, or simply painted white to mimic the stone used in ancient buildings.

$865 as shown

size as shown is 61 1/2” wide at the hearth and 58” tall

price may be adjusted for substantial customization



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