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The Kittery

The Kittery
The Kittery

Woodwork and furniture that was displayed and used in rooms, like the parlor and the room for dining, that were seen by all visitors to the house as often more formal. Rooms that were used primarily by the family and their close friends were decorated with more understated detail, such as is seen in the Kittery. The mantel shelf is edged with a cove and bead molding that is mirrored at the base of the pilasters. A bold bead molding outlines the pilasters that flank the opening for the firebox and facing. The open field above the firebox is separated from the mantel shelf by a dentil molding, and attractively supports your photographs or brass candlesticks that may be placed on the mantel.

$965 as shown

size as shown is 62 3/4” wide at the hearth and 50” tall

price may be adjusted for substantial customization



Hand crafted mantels that recreate the warmth of an earlier time.

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