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Order and Measure

We prefer to discuss your order with you, so we do not provide an online order form. However, we do recommend that you print this web page and complete the requested information and measurements. Although standard dimensions are listed for each mantel on the page illustrating that mantel, all mantels may also be custom ordered with dimensions that are appropriate to your fireplace. Also, we are always glad to create a custom mantel in a design that you provide. A representative of American Period Design will contact you once we receive your order. We take pride in producing a mantel that you will enjoy and which will truly compliment your home.

Place an order by completing the following 4 steps:

  1. Print this form and fill in the following contact information:

Zip Code:
_________ - _________ - _________
_________ - _________ - _________
Additional Info.:

Shipping: Your mantel will be shipped to the address entered above unless you instruct differently or arrange to pick your mantel up at our shop. Shipping charges are based on the size and weight of the mantel and the distance that it will be shipped. This charge can be estimated at the time that your order is received, and confirmed when your order is acknowledged. Your mantel will be constructed after your order is confirmed. It will be packaged for protection and insured for full value. We will notify you by e-mail when your mantel is shipped.

Payment: Payment must be received by American Period Design in advance. Construction of your mantel will be scheduled upon receipt of a deposit of one half of the purchase price. The balance must be recieved prior to shipment.

  1. Circle your mantle selection:

Annapolis Douglas Mason Salem
Bennington Essex Newburyport Suffield
Hudson Philadelphia San Francisco
Deerfield Kittery Providence Saybrook
      *Custom Commission

  1. Measure your fireplace and write your measurements below:

The standard dimensions of each mantel are suitable for most fireplaces. However, the measurements of each design can be customized to assure that your mantel compliments the dimensions of your room. We will work closely with you to review and finalize all custom designs. We will also gladly work with your architect or builder to customize any mantel.

Enter all dimensions in boxes A through J listed below. Do not hesitate to contact American Period Design by telephone or e-mail to discuss any questions that you may have. We will be glad to answer your questions and work together.

Firebox Opening:

A - Width:  __________ inches.

B - Height: __________ inches.


Facing: brick, marble, tile, etc, surrounding the firebox. Your mantel will be constructed to provide a clearance of at least 6" on each side, and 6" over the firebox. Please advise us if your fireplace manufacturer or local building code specifies greater minimum clearances.

C - Width:  __________ inches.

D - Height: __________ inches from the top of the hearth to the top of the facing.


Projection: Whenever tile, marble, or brick facing around the firebox is not flush with the wall, the depth of the mantel must be carefully sized to assure that it properly joins the wall and the facing. If the facing is not flush with the wall, enter the distance that it protrudes from the wall (this item may be left blank if the facing is flush with the wall).

E - Projection: __________ in inches.


Ceiling: Height from the hearth to the ceiling.

F - Ceiling: __________ inches.


Special Considerations

Chimney Breast: Sometimes the chimney projects into the room, forming a "chimney breast". If the mantel extends beyond the width of the chimney breast, it can be specially built with returns or with sides to fit around the breast. If a chimney breast extends into the room, enter the following (these items may be left blank if there is not a chimney breast).

G - Width: __________ inches.

H - Depth: __________ inches.


Raised Hearth: If the hearth is raised above the floor, enter the following (these items may be left blank if the hearth is flush with the floor).

I - Height: __________ inches that the raised hearth is raised above the floor.

J - Width: __________ inches of the raised hearth along the wall.

If the dimensions of your fireplace require alteration of any section of the mantel, a representative of American Period Design will contact you to review the measurements. Changes made to any part of the mantel may affect other parts of the mantel, in order to keep the correct proportions. For example, a change to the width of the firebox will affect the width of the shelf and panels above the firebox, and may affect the legs on each side of the firebox. Ornamentation cannot be changed in size. However, if the space is suitable, ornaments from another design can be substituted. The price of the mantel may be adjusted whenever a design is customized.

If the mantel does not need to be customized, we will confirm your order. Mantels that are not customized will be shipped in the sizes specified in the product descriptions.

  1. Mail the printed order form to:

American Period Design
30 Cherry Street
Wrentham, MA 02093

We will contact you to confirm your order and verify any measurements that require customizing the design. Thank you for ordering a hand crafted mantel from American Period Design. We appreciate the opportunity to create a mantel in an historical style that will bring warmth to your home for many years.

Be sure to follow the fireplace manufacturer's guidelines and the building codes when installing these mantels to maintain proper clearances. American Period Design is not responsible for improper installation of its products.



Hand crafted mantels that recreate the warmth of an earlier time.

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